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Portable Toilet & Portable Hand Wash Rentals

Planning a wedding or special event?
Leinneweber Services offers portable toilet and hand washing station rentals at weekend and monthly rates for residential or commercial use. Handicap units are available.

Use the guidelines below for number of rental units needed. The following considerations will determine the number of toilets to be provided for particular events. Calculating the number of toilets required for an event is a matter for conjecture.
  • Duration of the event
  • Type of crowd
  • Weather conditions
  • Whether the event is pre-ticketed and numbers known or unticketed
  • Whether finishing times are staggered if the event has multi-functions

The following consideration will determine the number of hand washing sinks to be provided for particular events:
  • Whether alcohol will be consumed
Where local laws or regulations do not exist, the following guidelines can be applied. Better management of events can be achieved by providing additional facilities. Assume a 50/50 male/female split unless otherwise advised. The following tables should only be used as a guide.

Toilet facilities for events where alcohol is not available


Toilet facilities for events where alcohol is available


These figures may be reduced for shorter duration events as follows:
  • More than 8 hours = 100% required
  • 6-8 hours = 80% required
  • 4-6 hours = 75% required
  • Less than 4 hours = 70% required

Source: FEMA “Special Events Contingency Planning” Toilets Page 39